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What is the most cited reference in the NoC community?

Would you say that if some work is the most cited reference regarding a specific concept, it would represent the reference that introduced that concept? Who is considered/credited for introducing the network-on-chip concept? Based on the number of citations, it … Continue reading

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Where does the money go?

Now, I have not written a new post for a while… I was thinking about it and I realized that while we have been looking at tools, teaching materials, calls for papers, etc., we have not looked at funding. How … Continue reading

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Related blogs

Here is an incomplete and under continuous development list of related blogs. Some blogs, not completely unrelated and good to read anyways.

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Journal CFPs

Here is a list of upcoming CFPs for special issues in various journals. — Special issue on Emerging Techniques for VLSI Design/CAD  The Scientific World Journal Submission due: Oct. 3 2014 Notification: Dec 26 2014 Publication: Feb. 15 2015 — Special issue … Continue reading

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Books (or Ph.D. theses :-)) dedicated to or containing chapters on NoCs. Listing is in inverse chronological order. Clearly, NoCs are becoming a favorite research topic for many… 2013 [*] Umit Y. Ogras and Radu Marculescu, Modeling, Analysis and Optimization … Continue reading

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List of conferences/symposiums/workshops dedicated to, with special sessions on, or where you may find fit to submit your NoC paper. Conference Sub. Notif. Date Place IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) Jan. March May IEEE Congress on … Continue reading

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