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What is the most popular full-system simulator?

All right, it’s time for a new post on this blog! So, I teach a course on Computer Architecture and as part of the course activities we do paper reviews on topics like caches, memory designs, processor architecture, etc. Each … Continue reading

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What is the most cited reference in the NoC community?

Would you say that if some work is the most cited reference regarding a specific concept, it would represent the reference that introduced that concept? Who is considered/credited for introducing the network-on-chip concept? Based on the number of citations, it … Continue reading

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Where does the money go?

Now, I have not written a new post for a while… I was thinking about it and I realized that while we have been looking at tools, teaching materials, calls for papers, etc., we have not looked at funding. How … Continue reading

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Top 5 most popular NoC simulators

It turns out that this NoC Blog is visited a lot because people search for “NoC simulator”. So, I decided to try to find out what simulators are the most popular. Please participate. If you used or are using an … Continue reading

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Wanted: collaboration

This post is an experiment; it is kind of a craigslist for NoCs. Its purpose is to foster networking and collaboration (in addition to the traditional “methods” of: networking done via conference participation, or friends of friends, or friends of … Continue reading

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1. NoC prototypes: full design data available Here is a list of past and current NoC prototyping efforts either on FPGAs or as VLSI circuits. If you know of others and wanted them listed here please let me know. These … Continue reading

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Fish fight

Recently Synopsys acquired Magma. This made me think of the recent lawsuit from the world of on-chip networks of Sonics against Arteris. What I mean is this possible scenario: A big fish sues a smaller fish. The lawsuit battle will … Continue reading

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