Top 5 most popular NoC simulators

It turns out that this NoC Blog is visited a lot because people search for “NoC simulator”. So, I decided to try to find out what simulators are the most popular. Please participate. If you used or are using an NoC simulator vote for it here.

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3 Responses to Top 5 most popular NoC simulators

  1. I know and worked with following simulators:
    COSI simulator: It is a great simulator for generating application specific NoCs based on well-known applications such as VOPD, dVOPd ,…
    COSI Webpage:
    Xmulator: This simulator is suitable for all developers who are familiar with C# programming and those who have no knowledge in working with Linux environment and GNU based development tool chain.
    Xmulator webpage:

  2. Great blog on 5 most popular NoC simulator it was very informative thanks for sharing this blog.

  3. Mayk says:

    Great blog! It is a good help in my research.

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