Wanted: collaboration

This post is an experiment; it is kind of a craigslist for NoCs. Its purpose is to foster networking and collaboration (in addition to the traditional “methods” of: networking done via conference participation, or friends of friends, or friends of advisor :-), or sending email with question about published paper). If it will work out, then I will make it more formal. For the time being we will use the method of leaving comments to this post. The idea of this post came to me from a recent comment on a different post, Prototypes, of this blog. If you are a (NoC) researcher and are looking for collaborators in the area of NoC please leave a comment here with the specific NoC topic on which you work or plan to work and look for collaborators. Potential collaborators then could contact you directly.
For example, if you developed a say adaptive routing algorithm, which you already verified with an NoC simulator, but also wanted to validate it on a say “some system like a video decoder” FPGA prototype, you may want to look for someone with prior experience to collaborate with on this aspect and in this way get it done faster.

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11 Responses to Wanted: collaboration

  1. Hello, I am interested in this collaboration. I have couple of research scholar who would like to work given by you. So, we would like to collaborate. You can mail me at ayoub@ieee.org

  2. Hikmat Ullah says:

    hello, i have done recently my final year(BS) project on NOC based communication controllers like usb , ethernet and vga, i have made interface in c#. from C# i can synthesize my verilog code and simulate it,,,,…….

    i am planing to further extend it and make it multidimentional and also define paths in diagnols.

    if you have some meterials then plz email me huk9191@gmail.com

  3. Oscar Diaz says:

    HI! I’m also interested in collaboration. I’m working on NoCs since a couple years ago, focusing on fault-tolerant application and FPGA implementation. Recently I uploaded to github a modeling tool called NoCmodel ( https://github.com/dargor0/nocmodel ), I’ll update its wiki soon. You can contact me odiaz@ieee.org

  4. Edwin Tufiño says:

    Hi, im been developing a simulator based totally in noxim, now it can simulate Torus with 2 diffirents kind of routing algorith that i create, and also a new Torus that I call it TorusS, now i am working in changing from console mode that have noxim to a graphical mode using Gambas, and the results will be deliverd in Calcsheet so you can grphic them easily. If you want the code or more explanation about the implementation of the Torus and TorusS in Noxim and the Gambas mode, contact me edwin.t@outlook.com

  5. Mahmood Qureshi says:

    Hi, I am a PhD student and doing research in Fault Tolerant Technique…. I want collaboration … my email address is mehmoodqureshi@comsats.edu.pk

  6. Meenal Borkar says:

    Hi, I am Meenal Borkar, PhD Scholar working in the area of interconnection networks. I am interested in this collaboration. My mail id is meenalaborkar@gmail.com

  7. Ramesh says:

    I am Ramesh,PhD scholar working in the area of NoC . Focusing on FPGA implementation.I am interested in this collaboration.My mail id is research.ramesh123@gmail.com

  8. Nassima says:

    I am Nassima, I am working on fault tolerance and fiability in NoC, FPGA implementation. I am interested in this collaboration. My mail id is

  9. sujatha.m says:

    I am sujatha.I started my work in hybrid noc reconfigurable. I am interested in collaboration. My mail ID is sujimasi@gmail.com

  10. Hope says:

    I am interested to work on NoC but I dont know where to start and even to frame the topic is difficult for me. Please I need help!!!!!

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