Fish fight

Recently Synopsys acquired Magma. This made me think of the recent lawsuit from the world of on-chip networks of Sonics against Arteris. What I mean is this possible scenario: A big fish sues a smaller fish. The lawsuit battle will drain a lot of financial resources from both fish. However, the smaller fish will likely suffer more from this and its price will decrease significantly (I know this because for example Magma’s stock price plummeted after being sued by Synopsys back in 2004; at the time I had just joined Magma and the value of my hiring stocks options vanished over night :-)). Once the smaller fish is cheap and possibly recovering: buy it. At the end of the day, lawyers prosper and have nice exotic “sea-food dinners” all around the Bay Area :-). Writing this reminded me of a recent video I watched: Debate on the Proposition that Software Patents Encourage Innovation. I could not agree more with Prof. Edward A. Lee.

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