Research groups

Here is a list (alphabetical order) of groups involved in NoC research. This is a list of groups not of people. This list is far from being complete! New entries are added all the time. If you want/think your group to be listed here, please let me know.

BONE NoC Research Group, KAIST, Korea
Carbon Research Group, MIT
EOLAB at University of Cagliari
Hardware Design Support Group (GAPH), Brazil
Integrated systems lab at EPFL
Integrated CMOS Photonics at MIT
Lightwave Research Laboratory at Columbia
Li-Shiuan Peh (LSP) group at MIT
Mobile Computing System Lab, Hong Kong
NaNoC design platform
NoCBench at Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Nostrum at KTH
NOC Research Group, Institute MD, University of Rostock
Parallel architectures group (GAP) at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Stanford interconnection network research
System level design (SLD) group at CMU
System level design group at Columbia

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