A (probably) incomplete list of (start-up) companies related to NoCs:

Intel (“Knights Landing” Xeon Phi)
Recore Systems
GreenArrays – Can anyone figure out how their 144 cores on G144 chip communicate with each other?

Also, here is a list of NoC related EDA tools. This list could be very well included as a subsection of Simulators post. However, it is included here because these are tools from companies.

Qsys – Altera’s System Integration Tool

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One Response to Companies

  1. Kurt Shuler says:

    Fargoscape, Silistix closed its doors some time over the past year. They offered a totally asynchronous interconnect fabric but it had trouble gaining commercial acceptance.

    I’ll send you some links to technical papers soon.

    BTW, I’m the marketing director at Arteris. We’re the only commercial network on chip interconnect IP company, with NoC being defined as having data packetization and serialization.

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