Journal CFPs

Here is a list of upcoming CFPs for special issues in various journals.

— Special issue on Emerging Techniques for VLSI Design/CAD 
The Scientific World Journal

Submission due: Oct. 3 2014
Notification: Dec 26 2014
Publication: Feb. 15 2015

— Special issue on On-Chip Parallel and Network-Based Systems
Integration, the VLSI Journal

Submission due: Apr. 1 2014
Notification: NA
Publication: NA

— Special issue on Adaptation in Embedded Systems
Hindawi VLSI Design

Submission due: Dec. 21 2012
Notification: Mar. 15 2013
Publication: May 10 2013

— Special issue on NoCs
Hindawi VLSI Design

Submission due: Oct. 5 2012
Notification: Dec. 28 2012
Publication: Feb. 22 2013

— Special issue on Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuits
Hindawi VLSI Design

Submission due: Dec. 14 2012
Notification: March 8 2013
Publication: May 3 2013

— Special issue on Energy-Efficient High-Performance Data Communications over On-Chip Interconnects
Hindawi VLSI Design

Submission due: Sep. 7 2012
Notification: Nov. 30 2012
Publication: Jan. 25 2013

— Special issue on Novel On-Chip Parallel Architectures and Software Support
Elsevier Journal of Parallel Computing

Submission due: July 15 2012
Notification: Sep. 15 2012
Publication: N/A

— Special issue on electronic design automation (seeks NoC papers too)
Hindawi Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Submission due: Feb. 24 2012
Notification: May 18 2012
Publication: July 13 2012

— Special Issue on New Interconnect Technologies in On-chip Communication
IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems (JETCAS)

Submission due: Dec. 30 2011
Notification: 1st: Jan. 27, 2nd: March 9, 2012
Publication: June 2012

— Special Section on Networks-on-Chip
IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC)

Submission due: Oct. 31 2011
Notification: Jan. 6 2012
Publication: Nov. 2012

— 3-D Network-on-Chip Architectures and Design Methodologies
International Journal Of VLSI Design & Communication Systems
Submission due: Sep. 15 2011
Notification: Oct. 2 2011
Publication: TBD

— Special Issue on Networks on Chips: Architectures, Design Methodologies, and Case Studies
Hindawi Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Submission due: July 11 2011
Notification: Oct. 15 2011
Publication: Jan. 2012

— Special Issue on On-Chip and Off-Chip Network Architectures
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems
Submission due: March 11 2011
Notification: May 20 2011
Final copy deadline: Sep. 2011
Publication: Early 2012

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